We source the very best lamb from various regions around Australia so we can deliver the tastiest lamb all year round, no matter what the season or weather conditions, our lamb products include:

  • loin chops
  • chump chops
  • leg chops
  • shoulder chops
  • legs of lamb
  • best neck chops
  • cutlets
  • crumbed cutlets
  • crumbed chops
  • necks
  • shanks
  • breasts
  • riblets
  • marinated chops
  • marinated leg roasts
  • lamb mince
  • lamb and rosemary sausages
  • marinated shoulder roasts
  • boneless loin roasts
  • marinated leg roasts
  • mini roasts
  • lambs fry
  • marinated boneless loin roasts
  • shoulders of lamb
  • lamb kebabs


"I would have no hesitation in recommending these guys at all. From the time I first called them to the time they had completed the work for us it was a pleasure as they took control right away and went right to it.

Excellent customer service!"


Patricia B.


"Just wanted to say a huge thank you to your team for the excellent service we received recently. It's really nice to know that good old fashioned customer service is not dead but still alive and well and living at your organisation!

Keep up the great work!"


David E.